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rico espinet architecture: the brasilia project  (ezb)

Although I design lamps, fixtures, spaces and objects, my lifeís preoccupation is architecture. Just like eyes take in definitive light, a roomís eyes are their apertures; taking in light, informing the interior details. The way light from the outer atmosphere works to define a building and its spaces is where my core aesthetic derives inspiration. The most compelling aspect of this phenomenon to me is how each moment changes.

I have had the privilege of providing, with Heloisa Zero, the preliminary designs, generated over 2 years for our future house to be built in Brasilia. The ideas were then turned over to Paulo Henrique Paranhos of TAO Arquitetura.

Through this interaction, TAO has come forward with a very compelling and exacting plan for the structure. Paulo has succeeded in providing the details that have truly made our intentions a most satisfying project.

A driving goal of the project was to create a structure that upheld the rich modernist tradition that is vernacular to Brasilia.      One of the fulfilling details of the structure is how light defines the central interior through a fascade-panel that is hinged to the monolithic structure. The interior is illuminated through an aperture running the length of the panelís roof. As the light changes, it is reflected beautifully grazing down along the interior wall component.

Other features of the project include the top level, which facilitates a relationship to the sky via outdoor rooms, which have an upward orientation and no views to the landscape.

There are many other details that are thrilling to imagine and plan.

I have included for your reference some renderings of the project and a link to Tao Arquitetura whom just recently was invited to participate in the upcoming Sao Paulo Bienale do Arquitetura.  Other main participants are Oscar Niemier who turned 100 this year and Paulo Mendes De Rocha, the only 2 Brazilians to be awarded the coveted Pritzker prize for architecture.

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